Trend has announced a new, premium tool steel solid flat tappet. Intended for use on cast iron camshafts, they suit Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota V8s. Ideal for engines turning in excess of 7,000rpm with higher valve spring pressures these new tool steel tappets are designed for short track oval racing, Bracket racing, and street use.

As direct derivatives of Trend’s successful NASCAR tool steel flat tappets, their chief advantage is multiple usage—they can be re-used many times. They can also operate on different cast iron camshafts. And they can be rebuilt and their crowns re-ground—in fact these tappets can last indefinitely by simply returning them to Trend for refurbishment when necessary.

The chief problem in creating a tappet of this quality at an affordable price entails economies of scale. But as Trend is already engaged in large volume production for NASCAR teams this new tappet program was a logical progression.

Furnished with a super fine surface finish (1-2Ra) and built from tool steel for durability and hardness (63-64RC), these premium tappets are lightweight (68+ grams) and are available with an optional EDM oil hole (.016in) in the foot or contact area. Almost indiscernible, the crown on the tappet foot measures .0015in deep with a radius of between 50 and 60 inches. By riding on the tapered lobe of a cast iron camshaft, the tappet crown rotates and therefore avoids premature wear.

Once in service the crown on the foot will exhibit a dull polished finish. At rebuild times as long as the dull polished finish remains, no refurbishing is necessary. This tappet cannot lose its geometry without losing its finish; therefore, if its appearance remains unchanged continue to use.    Priced at $18ea these new premium tool steel tappets are available for immediate delivery.