Here's our LS with our carburetor setup and coilpacks. This setup will utilize the MSD timing controller for ignition control/adjustment. No ECU is required for this approach, which makes it ideal for application in any street rod, muscle car, race car, etc. that is not wired for computer control.

For our coilpack versions (for either the afore-shown carb setup or an EFI setup), we chose Moroso's Ultra 40 Race Wire spark plug wires. These are 8.65mm pre-made equal-length wires that connect each coil pack to its assigned spark plug.

MSD's 6LS timing controller No. 6010 provides total ignition control and is fully adjustable for timing curves and rev control.

The MSD timing controller can be adjusted in mere seconds by plugging in any of the six supplied timing curve modules. Or, if you prefer, you can cable-connect the controller to a PC computer and, using the supplied software CD, create your own custom ignition curves.

The supplied timing curve modules simply plug into the side of the controller and can be changed at will.

If you elect to set up your LS engine with a carburetor and a distributor, you'll need a special distributor adapter housing kit, a Ford smallblock distributor, a special water pump and dedicated pulleys.

Here's another view of an LS1 engine equipped with a distributor setup. Because the special water pump needed to clear the bulk of the distributor adapter housing relocates the pump belt drive, a system of dedicated pulleys is required for all belt-driven components.

The special water pump specifically designed to accommodate a front-mount distributor-equipped LS is a joint venture of Wegner Motorsports and Stewart Pumps. If you plan to run a front-mount distributor on an LS1/LS6/LS2/LS7, you'll need this pump.

The special distributor adapter made by Wegner and available through GM Performance Parts includes the front engine cover that features a distributor provision, along with a stub extension that bolts to the nose of the camshaft and provides a gear drive for the distributor.

Performance Distributors offers a kick-butt Ford smallblock distributor for this setup that also incorporates a built-in HEI coil. This allows you to eliminate the conventional LS coilpacks. The maker also offers pre-made spark plug wires tailor-fit for the front-mount distributor on an LS engine.

The HEI coil feature on the Performance Distributors unit provides both high spark voltage and convenience by eliminating the need to mount coilpacks on the valve covers.

Performance Distributors spark plug wires are beefy, braid-sleeved honchos, each numbered for cylinder identification.

The Professional Products EFI intake manifold is a precision-cast and machined piece that provides excellent fit and port alignment.

The surface finish of the EFI manifold casting on our unit was very uniform and finely textured. This manifold would easily lend itself to polishing and/or powdercoating. A polished version is available through Professional Products.

The EFI manifold kit includes everything needed for installation with the exception of a MAP sensor.

The Katech adapter kit allows you to install the taller LS1-type injectors to an LS2-style manifold. The fuel rail bracket spacers are 0.500" tall. The bolts are 6mm x 1.0 x 30mm and the O-rings provide the fatness of the LS2 requirement at about 0.586" O.D.