The camshaft was checked with a degree wheel. Crane did one heck of a nice job grinding this bumpstick. Lift and timing moments were dead-on to the cam card.

With our crank snout pinned for the damper, the timing cover was installed using ARP's front cover kit (12-point stainless).

The front coolant balance tube assembly connects right and left cylinder head water. The bosses feature built-in O-rings.

If the OE O-rings are shot, Victor's gasket set includes precision plates equipped with O-rings.

Here the front water balance tube is installed onto the heads.

The cylinder heads' rear "steam holes" must be blocked. GM carries these cast block-off caps (O-ring already installed).

The rear steam hole on each head is blocked off with one of these GM caps. A single 8mm x 1.25 bolt secures each cap.

Our pushrods are forged 5/16" x 7.500" units from Trick Flow. Standard OE length is 7.400", but the Trick Flow heads are 0.100" taller. We took the time to measure with a checking pushrod and, indeed, the 7.500" length was ideal.

Each Trick Flow pushrod is conveniently laser-etched with length and wall thickness.

Our rockers are 1.7:1 full-roller forged aluminum cuties (P/N SLS17). The kit includes rockers, pedestals and 8mm socket head cap screws.

Each pair of Harland Sharp rockers is bridged together in order to ensure rocker alignment.

This underside view shows the hardened pushrod cups and the pin-bridge that aligns each rocker pair.

The pushrod cups feature an oil passage that allows oil travel through the pushrod.

Each rocker features an individual mounting pedestal that rests onto the cylinder head.

The roller tip is oiled via an orifice in the rocker body.

The trunion pivot bearings are fed by an oil hole at the pushrod side of the top opening.

Since the intake rocker bolts are slightly exposed to the intake ports (as the tapped bolt hole partially enters the port), it's not a bad idea to apply a thread sealant to the intake bolts. I used Hylomar.

This overhead view shows how each pair of rockers align via a common pivot axis.

8mm socket head caps screws secure each rocker.

The rocker bolts are tightened to 22 lbs./ft.

Left head rockers fully installed.

When pre-fitting the water pump, the upper left timing cover bolt head might initially seem to pose an interference problem, but the Edelbrock water pump body has been spotfaced for clearance. In addition to the thickness of the gaskets, clearance is fine.

Our Edelbrock LS water pump and water pump pulley.