One of the newest releases from HP Books is High Performance Fasteners & Plumbing, written by Mike Mavrigian. This 170-page book provides detailed, yet easy-to-read technical information on understanding all types of performance fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, clamps, etc.) and performance plumbing for fuel, brake, oil and coolant hose, fittings, tubes, etc.

Threaded fasteners are discussed in detail, including clear explanations of thread sizes, thread pitch, bolt grades, fastener materials, tensile strengths, threaded fastener tightening, explanations of both inch-format and metric-format fasteners, etc., with special sections devoted to engine bolts and studs. The plumbing section provides a clear understanding of specific formats, including –AN sizes, explanation of fittings and hose ends, tips on –AN hose assembly, fabricating hard tubing lines, flaring, and more. Each chapter provides plenty of clear photos and illustrations. This is a comprehensive guide to the world of fasteners and plumbing, intended to guide both novice and professional street-performance enthusiasts and racers. The HP Books’ part number is 1523. The book’s ISBN number is 978-1-55788-523-4. This book is a complete guide to understanding the world of automotive fasteners and plumbing, and is an excellent resource for novices and pros alike.