Our New Engine Assembly Room (Part 4)

The drawer design, gauge and high-quality roller bearings provide drawer movement that is effortless and extremely smooth.

We're still adding specialty tools as we go. Our Gearhead connecting rod vise and Summit/Trick Flow piston ring filer are mounted to the butcher block worktop.

This is so cool. We were able to snag one of Goodson's rare, limited-edition 300MPH towel holders. The stands are aluminum connecting rods that were actually used in Top Fuel cars. The race slicks at each end feature the Goodson name as well. We couldn't resist.

At the center of our workbench wall area is a very high-tech, cutting-edge Lenovo 22" flat-screen color monitor. We'll connect this to a PC that will communicate with our office's PC via a wireless router. We'll be able to access data and images from our office as well as create, send and save data and images from the engine room to the office. OK, this may not be really necessary in life, but you have to admit that it's pretty neat.

The Lenovo monitor is wall-mounted with an articulating/fold-up mount that allows to-the-wall position or extending out 13", with both horizontal and vertical pivoting.

The Lenovo monitor features handy screen controls on the base.

We added overhead cabinets for additional storage/organization of manuals, chemicals, etc. Besides, the huge wall space just begged for something to be added.

We'll install a slide-out tray for a computer keyboard under the center of the worktop.

Having everything in one dedicated area is alike a breath of fresh air. Plus, the room is sealed, so any grinding, machining or welding that takes place in the main shop area is no longer a concern.

The Lista drawers are so roomy that I'm still getting accustomed to being spoiled. Here's our aluminum -AN wrenches in one dedicated drawer, with room to spare.

Our primary -AN wrenches are a full set from Fragola. These are really nice, featuring both straight and offset ends.

The Lista drawers so spacious that each drawer can easily be dedicated to a specific range of tools without having to rustle through to find the tool you need.

Mac Tools is the official wrench brand for our engine room.

Precision measuring tools are arranged in one drawer space for easy access.

Torque wrenches and bolt stretch gauges enjoy their own drawer.

Our CWT stand-alone cabinet will serve as out cylinder head inspection and assembly station. Goodson head stands and a Goodson burette are shown here.

Our engine room cordless phone is located between the entry door and picture window.

Instead of leaving the phone's power cord exposed, I plumbed the wire inside -6 AN hose and hose ends, along with a "humorous" pressure gauge.

Decals belong on race cars and doors.

Security? The poster above the entry door says it all.

Plenty of space for an engine in progress and even a few finished engines.

Open and ready for business.