Jon Kaase has announced new cast aluminum valve covers to suit his canted-valve P-38 cylinder heads for 302 and 351cu in small-block Ford Windsor engines. Available in black, red, or natural alloy finish or any color desired, Kaase’s new valve covers with revised bolt pattern are specifically designed to fit his unique P-38 cylinder heads.

Originally the stimulant for P-38 power came from Windsor enthusiasts who desired race-quality cylinder heads, but with the intake entries and the exhaust exits in the original positions. In response, Kaase canted the intake and exhaust valves, mainly fore and aft. This created a profound improvement, eradicating a shrouding deficiency between the cylinder wall and the inlet valve and dramatically increasing cylinder filling. In addition, this allowed Kaase to increase valve diameters, particularly the intakes. In addition he quickened the port velocities, deepened the bowls, introduced efficient, sweeping short turns in both the intake and exhaust tracts, and improved the combustion chamber shape.  

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