Mast Motorsports is proud to announce the launch of their all new tunnel ram for GM Gen IV LS-series engines engineered especially for use with a Mast designed Mozez head. The ever-increasing engine sizes and higher-flowing heads have prompted the development of intake manifolds capable of feeding 450-plus cubes to over 7,000 rpm, and Mast Motorsports has answered the call with their all new line of LS tunnel rams. Mast offers these all-new exclusive cast tunnel ram intake manifolds for both standard deck and tall deck engines outfitted for either carburetors or EFI. These intakes are capable of feeding engines over 1,500 horsepower in naturally-aspirated form, and over 2,500 horsepower in boosted applications.

If you’re building a serious LS-based max performance engine, the Mast Racing Tunnel Ram is now available to feed it.

PN 501-043
Standard Deck Tunnel Ram, dual quad carbureted

PN 501-044
Tall Deck Tunnel Ram, dual quad carbureted

PN 501-045
Standard Deck Tunnel Ram, EFI

PN 501-046
Tall Deck Tunnel Ram, EFI