Lunati Introduces Three New Camshafts For Hemi 5.7L & 6.1L Engines

Three new Voodoo high-performance billet camshafts for Chrysler 5.7- and 6.1-liter Hemi engines have just been released by Lunati. The three new camshafts are aimed at high-performance Hemi engines in street machines, street rods, muscle cars and drag racing vehicles and have been designated mild, intermediate or aggressive.

All three camshafts will work with blown and nitrous applications, however the mildest (PN 61900) provides excellent torque at low- to mid-range speeds, said the company. It can also be used for Hemi-engine pickup trucks that are pulling trailers. The intermediate camshaft (PN 61901) is suited for higher performance engines with upgraded valve springs, aftermarket programmers and higher stall-speed converters. The most aggressive one (PN 61902) is designed to serve a wide range of modified applications, including those with an aftermarket converter, upgraded intake, a blower or nitrous induction. Due to the fact that the new cams subject valve springs to increased valve lift and higher velocities, Lunati recommends upgraded Beehive valve springs and retainers. These springs are available in two different heat treatments and the retainers are available in two different materials: steel or titanium.

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