HRR Tech Editor Mike Mavrigian Continues Work on Retro LS Engine Build

HRR Tech Editor Mike Mavrigian has completed another step in his Retro LS Engine build. As he wrote in a past update, his goal with this engine build is to create an LS engine that produces around 400 horsepower and has a retro appearance, and do it all on a tight budget. “Basically, we’re taking a 5.3L (cid) LS engine, and overboring to a final 327 cid, making a new 327 Chevy that takes advantage of current technology, while stepping back in time to achieve a decidedly old-school appearance,” Mavrigian wrote. In his first step, Mavrigian worked on the engine block. (You can read about the upgrades he made to the block here.) For his next step, Mavrigian showed how to upgrade the rocker arm trunions to ensure they would be durable enough for use in a performance vehicle. “In the process of building any LS engine, if you plan to use OE rocker arms (whether reusing originals or using new OE rockers), you should be aware of the critical need to perform an upgrade to the rocker arms,” Mavrigian said. “Specifically, the OE trunions and trunion bearings should be replaced with an aftermarket upgrade kit.”

On his Precision Engine website, Mavrigian provides a step-by-step for upgrading these parts. He also shows all of the components he has used for the engine to date. To read the entire update on this part of the engine build, click here.