-AN Hose and -AN Hardware (Part 3)

SPECIAL-PURPOSE ADAPTERS (Unique adapters for special applications)

90-degree dash AN male to straight-thread male (note sealing O-ring on straight thread). This adapter features swivel for rotation of male AN.

90-degree dash AN female to NPT male swivel.

90-degree dash AN male to dash AN female swivel.

90-degree dash AN female to dash AN female swivel.

90-degree dash AN female to dash AN female swivel, low profile.

45-degree dash AN male to dash AN female swivel.

45-degree dash AN female to dash AN female swivel.

45-degree dash AN female to dash AN female swivel.

Dash AN female to tubing adapter. This allows connection between flexible AN hose to a tube. The tube side seals on a compression fitting.

Dash AN female to dash AN male reducer.

Dash AN T female swivel on run. All three connections are dash AN (featuring 37-degree cone seating). This version features two male AN and one female AN, all the same size.

Dash AN T female swivel on branch. This adapter features three same-size AN connections, with two males on the main run and one female at the branch.

Straight AN female swivel coupling. Same size female AN at each end. The two halves swivel.

Straight dash AN female to female reducer swivel coupling. This adapter features two female AN fittings of two different sizes. For example, allowing connection of a -8 AN to a -6 AN.

Straight dash AN female to NPT male swivel adapter.

Extended straight male AN to straight thread. The example shown here features a male -8 AN and a 7/8" x 20 male thread, with a sealing crush washer. This application would suit certain carburetor feed applications.

Dash AN male to straight thread male. This example features a -6 AN male and a 9/16" x 24 male thread with a crush washer, suitable for fuel plumbing or other custom application.

Dash AN male to straight thread. The example here features -6 male AN to 7/8" x 20 straight thread, with a crush washer. Suitable for certain carburetor applications.

Straight male to male dash AN union. Allow connection of two same size hose ends.

Male to male AN reducer. Allows connection of two different-size hose ends. Available in a variety of combinations.

Male AN to male AN 90-degree fitting. Same size AN at each end. BULKHEAD ADAPTERS (Designed to allow plumbing through wall surfaces, such as firewall, rear bulkhead, etc.)

Straight bulkhead adapter. Same size AN male at each end. The longer section passes through a hole in a bulkhead wall. The exposed straight threads accept a nut that secures the adapter to the bulkhead. Separate hoses can then be connected to each end of the adapter while the adapter remains in a fixed position.

45-degree bulkhead adapter.

90-degree bulkhead adapter.

AN bulkhead T on run. All three male AN same size. The long section (that will be secured to the bulkhead) is on the main run.

AN bulkhead T. The long section is the T, which mounts to the bulkhead. All three ends feature the same AN size.

Bulkhead nut. This allows you to secure the bulkhead adapter to a wall. Drill an appropriate-size hole in the wall, pass the long end of the bulkhead adapter through the hole, and secure the adapter with this nut. Always order the bulkhead nut based on the size of the bulkhead adapter (-3, -4, -6, -8, -10, -12 or -16). Always match nut and adapter material. If the adapter is aluminum, use an aluminum nut. If the adapter is steel, use a steel nut. CAPS AND PLUGS (these include caps and plugs for AN 37-degree, AN straight thread and NPT applications)

Dash AN cap. Features a female AN (37 degree sealing cone). Designed to cap-off a male AN fitting. Common uses include capping-off a fitting when hoses are disconnected, to prevent fluid leaks or to protect fluid passages from contaminants (during engine storage, repairs, etc.). All dash AN sizes available.

Male AN plug. This can be used to cap-off disconnected hose ends when not in use. Features a male hex head.

AN straight thread port plug with O-ring seal. For capping-off an AN straight thread port.

NPT internal plug. Features male NPT thread and a female hex drive. For capping any NPT port. Available in all NPT sizes. Remember: always apply Teflon tape or sealing compound during assembly of any NPT thread.

NPT hex head plug. NPT male threads with a male hex head. STEEL ADAPTERS In addition to the wide array of aluminum hose ends and adapters, steel components are also available for high pressure hydraulic and other severe duty applications where steel is preferred.

Steel -AN to NPT adapters are available most all of the same sizes and configurations as aluminum adapters. BARE ALUMINUM ADAPTERS For those who wish to have their AN adapters custom anodized in other colors, bare, un-anodized aluminum adapters are available from select manufacturers (not all makers offer un-anodized items). If you want un-anodized hose ends, you need to check with the various makers. Depending on existing stock or backorder situations, you might be able to place a custom order, or you might get lucky and be able to snatch what you need from existing stock. There are several anodizing shops in the country that do excellent work. While the "standard" colors that all anodizing shops carry usually include black, blue and red, there are other shops that offer a dozen or more colors, and yet other shops that can attempt to match the color you want. If you purchased already-anodized hose ends and adapters, but want to change color, this can be done, but you need to be aware of a few things. If the item has already been anodized, and since anodizing is essentially an oxidation process, the surface is now etched. When the original color is stripped off (chemically), the resulting surface will be rather dull. If you like a "flat" look, you're in business. If you want a gloss surface, you have two choices: each piece must be polished before anodizing, or you can request a clear gloss finish over the color (an option not all anodizing shops offer). From a standpoint of appearance only, be aware that one of the big variables lies with the composition of the aluminum stock. Depending on the hardness and alloy makeup, some aluminum pieces will provide a glossier finish than others. Also, the same color anodizing will appear lighter or darker when applied to different grades of aluminum. If you want all of the custom-anodized pieces to match, be sure that you obtain all of the pieces from the same manufacturer!

Here's an un-anodized aluminum AN to NPT adapter. If you can obtain these in their "bare" form, the results from custom-color anodizing will be outstanding. Otherwise, if the part must be stripped, it may require polishing before anodizing; or a clear-coat may be applied over the anodized color by the anodizing shop.