Goodson Tools and Supplies for Engine Builders has designed a larger version of its popular Universal Dressing Stand (SWD-UNI), designed for diesel and heavy-duty applications.

“We’ve had a lot of requests from our customers for a dressing stand that would handle the big stones,” says Dave Monyhan, national sales manager. “Our techs took on the challenge of building a dresser for these sizes.” The Heavy-Duty Valve Seat Wheel Dressing Stand (SWD-UNI-HD) works on the same principles as the original dressing stand, according to Tech Services Manager, James Tapp, though it is only compatible with the Sioux .572” top pilot and stone holders. The maximum diameter stone that can be dressed with this unit is 6”. Tapp pointed out that, “These dressing stands are pretty much infinitely adjustable. You can adjust angles anywhere from 0˚ to 90˚ in 1˚ increments. The positive locking levers say where they are put.” Monyhan added, “The Heavy Duty Stone Dresser comes fully assembled. It includes a Premium Dressing Diamond, a .572” Top Pilot and a set of Riser Bushings. All you need to do is pull it out of the box, mount it to your bench and you’re ready to dress valve seat stones.” For more information about the Heavy Duty Valve Seat Wheel Dressing Stand or the Universal Dressing Stand, contact Goodson at 1-800-533-8010.