EngineQuest® (EQ®) cast iron Magnum cylinder head is a power improved alternative to stock that offers better flowing intake and exhaust ports for enhanced horsepower and torque. Designed with a 172cc intake runner volume and 62cc combustion chamber, EQ’s Magnum heads have an exceptionally smooth casting for immediate bolt-on performance. Made in Australia, these heads offer superior quality at an affordable price with no additional machining, porting or polishing required.

EngineQuest, a leading supplier of stock and performance cylinder heads and engine components, offers its Magnum cylinder head for early and late model engines.  EQ Part #CH318B is a 1992–2004 Chrysler 318/360 head machined for a pre-1990 LA-style intake pattern that still uses all Magnum rocker parts. EQ’s Part #CH318A covers the same Chrysler engine series, however it features the 1992-2004 Magnum intake pattern.  Like all cylinder heads from EQ, these high performance Magnum heads are produced utilizing EQ’s specialized Flow Cast Technology. EQ has improved on the original design with a thicker deck for added strength, added hardened exhaust seats for greater resistance to cracking, and redesigned the water flow system for improved thermal conductivity.  With CNC machined guides and seat, a superior port finish for increased flow, and a three angle valve finish, EQ’s cylinder heads offer the best of both worlds – OE fit and greatly improved durability and performance.  To ensure the highest quality, EQ conducts a 25-point quality inspection on every new cylinder head shipped.

For more information about EQ's Magnum Cylinder heads, phone (800) 426-8771, or visit www.enginequest.com.