We've done a handful of project engines. What should we choose as the focal point of our next build?

Ever since I asked our readers for their suggestions regarding our next engine build project, the response has been overwhelming. The suggestions have included a hi-po build of a Ford 4.6L modular, a fresh look at the “old school” smallblock Chevy (taking advantage of today’s performance parts and technology), an early 392 Hemi, a nutty 500 CID Cadillac engine, a Buick or Olds V8 buildup, a 401 CID AMC, and others.

I’m narrowing the choices, and I’ll announce the target engine very soon.  The build will start in early 2011 and will continue in several article installments throughout that year. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me at 330-435-6347 or e-mail at .


"Street Rod Theme" engine. Dart smallblock Chevy block, Dart aluminum heads, bored/stroked to 383 CID. The goal was to provide engine builders with a few creative ideas to accommodate street rod customers. 

632 CID big-block Chevy, featuring a Dart Big M block, Dart Big Chief II heads, 16:1 compression, etc. This pup pulled 1115 HP on dyno.

LS2 block, Trick Flow heads, Lunati stroker crank, etc. Carbureted version pulled 625.4HP on dyno.

Our most recent build, the Ford flathead, all dressed up and ready to rock.

The recent 427W build. This featured a Dart 351W block, Trick Flow heads and bored/stroked to 427 CID.

Ford 347 stroker as an AERA project.

A street-mild Ford 427FE build, bored/stroked to 458 CID. 500+ HP.

A fun 100% performance aftermarket Honda build, featuring a Dart block, Dart head, Scat stroker crank and Edelbrock intake.

Short block of a Honda-based turbo/nitrous build equipped with an Aviaid dry sump system, targeted at 1000 HP. 

Nutty "Honda" turbo build (shown here prior to nitrous system).